Distribution center for medicines


Building for the storage of medicines and medical equipment, and the office space

: ~ 3 200 m²

Location: Bistra

The distribution centre is located within the working zone “Zaprešić – South”. The working zone “Zaprešić – South” includes the south-eastern part of the Zaprešić suburbs and represents its entrance from the direction of Zagreb – Maribor and connection to the main city road. The scope of the project in the area where the office building is located is of an irregular triangular shape, and the terrain is a green field area, mostly flat with slight local falls. The existing infrastructure within the scope dictates a narrow area for building, which is located along the western edge of the scope. Consequently, the building develops as an elongated building with a vertical division of space of different uses. The business building is designed as an object of modern design, which is designed as a building with two clearly recognizable and visually noticeable volumes, resulting from the division of content, and connected into one functional and constructive whole. Within the building, it is necessary to plan the storage of medicines and medical equipment, and the office space. Storage space is designed to meet all technical, informational, organizational, safety and environmental requirements, while minimizing costs and maximizing service. Office space is planned as ancillary of storage space, which houses all the necessary administrative functions. The building is accessed through cores situated on the flanks of the building, which connect all groups of contents, storage space in the basement and ground floor (package and piece picking), and office space on the third floor.

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