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Welcome to MEMBRAIN

Our team gathered as a group of young experts, who were among the best students of their respective faculties, as well as winners of Rector's and Dean's awards. We connected during the two years’ work on development of Concept Membrain and participation on prestigious competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. During the competition we saw how knowledge and innovation of the participants gathered around project Concept Membrain can be compared with the best Universities and Technical faculties around the world. Encouraged by that fact we decided to use our knowledge and experience, gained through working on the project, and open a company that will provide users unique interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

Our way of work represents an advance in comparison to classical approach in design where each profession works separately only on their part of the project, because we solve all problems by working together from the preliminary design faze and thus making it easier to integrate technical systems into the buildings as well as provide more quality service.

We offer our expertise and services in the fields of architecture, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, that can be applicable on whole construction process as well as individual technical solutions based on principles of sustainable technologies.

Hrvoje Vučemilo


hrvoje [at] membrain.hr


Architect designer

matija [at] membrain.hr


Structural engineer

vrca [at] membrain.hr


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