Neutrino is a wooden self-sufficient building made of prefabricated modular elements.
Area: ~ 15 – ∞ m²
Location: N/A
Neutrino is a wooden self-sustaining building made of prefabricated modular elements. The use of natural materials and renewable energy sources reduces the CO2 footprint and the negative impact on the environment. Neutrino, thanks to its modular design and smart automation system, fully adapts to the needs of users and provides a comfortable space for work, leisure and relaxation. The minimalist modular design makes the Neutrino ideal for a wide range of applications in the public, business and private sectors. Neutrino can be used as an info center, public toilets, exhibition space, office, bungalow or small family house. In addition to extremely low costs of use and maintenance, the comfort of staying in Neutrin is at a high level. When creating your Neutrino, you can use one of the proposed space layouts or design the interior according to your own wishes. Thanks to standardized prefabricated elements, Neutrino can be quickly and easily converted or upgraded, depending on current needs. For Neutrino you can, according to your own wishes, choose high-tech systems such as solar power plant, water collection and purification, heat pump, smart management and others. Prefabricated elements for the construction of Neutrin allow efficient construction with a small number of workers and without the need for mechanization. Such an approach significantly reduces costs and shortens construction time. Advanced technical systems are designed as Plug and Play systems that integrate extremely quickly and easily into a building. All elements of Neutrino can be recycled or are naturally degradable. When designing, guided by Japanese philosophy, we chose natural or recyclable materials. In the life cycle, production-construction-use-recycling, Neutrino has a positive impact on the environment!

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