Film industry technologies


The production and office building in the newly planned industrial zone of New Zagreb.
Area: ~ 3 000 m²
Location: Zagreb
The production and office building is located in the newly planned industrial zone in the west of New Zagreb. The existing condition included a relatively flat empty plot of irregular triangular shape. The plot is currently located in a low-consolidated area with predominantly low-rise housing construction and an underdeveloped infrastructure network. According to the existing spatial planning documentation, all this should change, and this is one of the first buildings to go in that direction. The project task included a production and office building with production and office space in almost equal proportions. Due to the work process and the way of doing business, the characteristic spaces and connections between them were designed, which influenced the design of the building. The ground plan of the right triangle, which is largely determined by the shape of the plot, is divided parallel to the longest side, ie the street facade of the building, a long and narrow rectangular element, containing all the accompanying facilities and communications, into two parts. The first part is a properly functionally uniform “open space” of office space along the street facade, and the second part is a triangular multifunctional part with different spaces that are different in size, character, ambience, etc. The building consists of four floors through which flows such spatial organization from a fully production ground floor, through the first entrance floor with warehouses and offices, the second fully office floor, to the last floor with large outdoor spaces. The design of the building further emphasizes its somewhat extravagant triangular shape. The large glass surfaces of the double façade on the street façade are joined to the other two façades by strong pointed forms. The entrance to the building was raised to the first floor, and was placed almost in the very corner of the street facade, emphasizing the direction of movement and access to the building. The use of modern materials and technologies in the design of the building further emphasizes the innovation and uniqueness of the company that is located in it. The plot is maximally used and greened as much as the conditions allowed. The possible lack of natural terrain on the plot itself is compensated by large roof terraces.

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