Family house in Zagreb


Family house for a married couple with children with accompanying facilities
Area: ~ 300 m²
Location: Zagreb
Residence Kovačević is located on one of Zagreb’s residential hills, in the wider city centre. The existing condition included a previously built house that did not meet the needs of investors and land that was very steep and therefore unusable for outdoor activities. The project task included a family house for a married couple with children with accompanying facilities. The dimensions of the existing house have been retained, modernized with a flat roof and energy renovation. When upgrading instead of simply repeating the rectangular floor plan of a house of increased dimensions, the concept of translating a smaller rectangular floor plan proved to be a much better solution. The existing house and the expansion are connected by a common glass entrance and form a whole. The plot offers a beautiful view to the south, and the house itself opens onto the garden to the southeast. The white canvas of the house is perforated with anthracite glass walls and windows, sheets and fences. Through this minimalist approach to design, the emphasis is placed on the very form of the house, on the composition of its volumes, which as a whole are harmoniously immersed in the configuration of the surrounding terrain.

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